Our Vision

to be recognized as the biggest & most favored time-saving consumer platform in the world


Planning what to buy and where to shop for groceries is a lifelong everyday chore. All people, the same procedure. Worldwide. Nobody wants to spend more time on this chore than absolutely necessary.

Online grocery shopping is potentially a way of saving time. But still, even in the countries with the highest adoption rates, a clear majority still prefer to do their own shopping. This got us thinking. Saving time and gaining more convenience will never go out of style.

What if there was a way to manage this chore way more efficiently? Online as well as offline? Now and in the future?

Well… we think we’ve actually found it.


We are developing a consumer service* with an array of time saving tools and features for planning & shopping for groceries. No matter if you shop in a local store or online from your couch, with our service you will always save time and gain more convenience.

*) It’s actually more of a holistic “operating system” for groceries, products and food recipes but for now, let’s just say that it’s a mobile app for consumers.


We will provide a superior user experience by combining our nifty software tools with effective and appealing design.

We are using state of the art machine learning algorithms to accomplish results and effectiveness previously both unseen and impossible. In other words, we are building a kick-*ss technology platform for food & groceries.

One of our main core algorithms actually turned out so great that we decided to file a patent application to keep those nasty copycats away.


Helping people save time and make their everyday life easier is extremely gratifying.

We also want to inspire people to use the time saved to improve their quality of life as well as facilitating the, currently much-needed, actions to make the world a better place.

However, at the same time  this is of course a great business idea. Recent market activities indicates that we are well positioned for establishing a highly interesting and profitable business model.


If we managed to catch your interest with this general text, just wait until we provide you with the details. 

Feel free to send us a [email protected]

Best regards,

Team ConsumIQ